September 2017 (applications closed)

  • Brendan McKnight
  • Sophie Howe
  • Beth Lloyd-King
  • Pip Jamieson
  • Leanne Campbell
  • Annie Ly

Whether you consider yourself a social media maestro, a savvy strategist, first-class content creator or anything inbetween, you should check out this amazing opportunity at Protein and get applying.

The Dots Portfolio Masterclass in Content, Strategy and Social Media will take place at Protein on September 11th 2017 (6:30pm - 10:00pm).
There are 20-25 spaces available at this event. Apply to join by Tuesday 5th September midday >> Apply here
This event is supported by Shutterstock.

Join us at Protein, leaders in culture, brand insight and content. Meet and be mentored by leaders in Content, Strategy and Social Media.


The Dots Content, Strategy and Social Media Portfolio Masterclass takes place on Monday 11th September 2017, 6.30-9.30pm.
This event will allow you to meet and connect with industry leaders, discuss projects/ideas and network with like-minded individuals. You could even land a dream job as industry mentors are often on the lookout for new minds to join their teams.
Strengthen your connections to industry and walk away with insights and advice to support your next steps.


Industry mentors reviewing work include:

Will Rowe, Founder, Protein 
Zeenah Vilcassim, Head of Agency, Protein UK
Emma Dowling, Head of Marketing, VICELAND
Otegha Uwagba, Founder, Women Who
Brendan McKnight, Head of Content & Community, The Dots
Valentin von Vacano, International Copywriter & Social Media Manager, Shutterstock With 1 or 2 mentors still to be announced!


This event is ideal for anybody with a love for the world of content creation or social media with a strategic savvy to execute cutting edge ideas.
It's open to all, whether you're already working in the industry, currently studying or looking for that next big break.
Whatever your specialism, this is an event where you can network, gain scrope and expert advice for the next steps in your career.
No minimum or maximum experience level is required - these events are open to all to apply for.
For us, diversity is key, and we are calling for all with a talent and a dream to apply to our Portfolio Masterclass events.


There are 20-25 spaces at this event.
(We have to keep numbers down to ensure everyone gets the most of out the events).
Your profile and portfolio of work on The Dots will be used as your application to join the Masterclass. Your projects can include campaigns you've worked on, content pieces, articles, events, videos, personal projects, Uni projects etc. Just an idea or a work-in-progress is absolutely fine too!
Apply by midday Tuesday 5th September. Apply here
Applying to join is completely free. If you are one of the selected 20-25, you'll be sent a single-use ticket code. Masterclass tickets cost £10.

This event is supported by Shutterstock
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Still unsure how the events roll out? Check below for a video and snaps from our Masterclasses at BBH and Facebook, or contact us at with any questions!