• Gavin Lucas
Having co-run various monthly clubnights, I wondered (in 2009) if I could persuade a collective of DJs to combine forces and put on a weekly night every Friday night. Turned out that I could – and the night we conjured up was called Shing-A-Ling. We played soul, boogaloo, latin, ska, blues and rhythm – not necessarily in that order. Intoxicating rhythms for your dancing feet. I also persuaded illustrator Alex Spiro (one of the co-founders of ace publishing company Nobrow) to create the look for Shing-A-Ling’s flyers and posters. He totally nailed it.
We made a bunch of 30 minute Shing-A-Ling podcasts available via iTunes’ official podcast mechanic too which took no end of fooling around with coding and stuff - but seemed like a great thing to do at the time. Here’s the very first one from the series (below) which I compiled and includes tracks by Bo Diddley, Los Dinamitas del Twist, Paul Gayten, Desmond Dekker, The Emperors and more:


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