Shopify Integration by Xero

  • Matt Law

Collaborating in a cross-functional design team to enhance one of Xero’s most anticipated outbound integrations.

In November 2021, Xero announced a new integration with the eCommerce platform, Shopify. Released as an MVP, the integration attracted early adopters who validated the product's offering. However, as 2022 rolled by, there was the sentiment that the product was only a suitable solution for specific types of businesses and that there was a notable gap in the integration's functionality and customers' expectations.
Working in a cross-functional pod with a PO, team of developers and a design researcher, we focused on addressing the integration's complex tax requirements and making the interface more intuitive. Engaging actively with customers through initiatives like online interviews and user tests with prototypes, we were able to define the integration’s value proposition and ensure the product helped educate users so that they can meet their tax requirements.
Over the year, our team identified features that would meet internal KPIs. One such feature was introducing a free trial to the subscription model — reducing entry barriers and enabling customers to assess the integration's suitability before purchase. We also addressed flexible sales tax treatment, an issue raised by customers. This endeavour proved to be both intricate and iterative, as it demanded a deep understanding of tax terminology and required us to make thoughtful UI and UX decisions based on customer insights and legal requirements. Since the release of the new tax functionality in November 2022, the integration's average review rating has significantly improved to 4.78 (33 reviews) from its previous rating of 1.34 (28 reviews).