Snickers // Help Leo

  • Cezar Coscelli

"Meet Leo. or Betty, if you don’t have a Snickers at hand.”

Our job was to launch, activate and amplify Snickers on cyberspace. The brand was already in Brazil, but had never done a campaign. Mainly only knew and liked Snickers people who has the habit of traveling. The global concept of the brand is "You're not you when you're hungry" and the dynamic is always the same: an ordinary young man is "transformed" into a true "Diva" when hungry and begins to misbehave among a group of friends. One of his "besties" offers a Snickers for the "Diva", which becomes the young man again, returning to act normally. It worked in other countries, and has everything to work here. The "Diva" chosen for the Brazilian campaign was the famous actress Betty Faria, a true institution of brazilian soap opera universe. But regarding social channels, we came to the conclusion that young people would identify more with Léo, the guy who turns into Beth when he gets hungry. It is more natural, closer to the young people’s reality. And they're on social networks, so Facebook was elect as our main platform. Our content was thought to be fun, intelligent, humorous and immediately connected with the public. We launched the page in march, 2013. Our goal was to reach 504,000 fans until december. By june we had already reached 507,000 fans. The fanpage ended 2013 with more than 1,000,000 fans, and interaction and engagement levels above average for the segment ratings. Such numbers - and positive feedback from our target - proved us right on our strategy and creative paths chosen. Léo agrees. Because there’s one situation that everyone is familiar: we all act crazy and completely surreal when hunger comes.

Agency // Naked Brasil My role // concept, copywriting, co-creative direction Credits // Carla (partner in crime), Val, Nat (art direction), Leticia, Juliana (strategy), Werner, Rod, Caio (pitch)


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