So, all my subs in one place?

  • Fee Walter
Subscriptions are becoming a playing a more prdominant role in our lives than ever, but it seems there’s no easy way to manage them all together.


Smerge is a digital tool which allows users to view, gain insight, cancel or set up subscription-based services in one place.
As this is still, somewhat, in the early stages I thought I would share the process and progress of the project so far. From research, idea generation, concepts and development.
When I first envisioned what the outcome of the project might be, I thought it might be a digital tool that students could use to better manage their finances through their subscriptions which is why the ideas revolve around uni-life. As the project progresses I believe it's actually more of a product that would be a benefit to a lot of people - pretty much all of us have subscriptions, why shouldn't we be able to manage them in one place?