So, it goes between the cracks?

  • Fee Walter
Keyboards are one of the filthiest things we have contact with on a daily basis, being 20,000x dirtier than a toilet seat. Those who travel on the tube carry even more bacteria.


A keyboard cleaning solution which eliminates mess, bacteria and dirt by getting into all of the bits you can’t reach yourself.
To stand out against some of the typical tov of cleaning products,  the copy for SQWERTY is intended to inject more personality into the product.
So they’ve bought the product, but how do they remember or know when to use it? Optional reminders can be used on their computer or phone to prompt them when their QWERTY is a little dirty, through a Chrome extension or app.
As the underground is a hotbed for harmful bacteria, the product will be advertised in the tubes in a couple different ways. Firstly, the grout in the tiles of the tube would take-on the brand colour to reflect the idea that SQWERTY gets into every single crack. The stickers would give the colour more context.
Secondly, the advertising in the carriages would morph around and between the windows (which conveniently look a little like keyboard keys) and would act as a reminder to commuters that their keyboard is going to need a little SQWERTY when they get to work.


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