So, we're abusing drugs?

  • Fee Walter
By 2050, 10 million people will die annually as a result of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Antibiotics are often misused/over-prescribed which is a massive part of the problem.


A campaign which takes over hospitals and doctors surgeries supported by WHO to encourage the public to learn more about the resistance.
More informative posters would be seen in doctors surgeries - where estimates suggest that as many as half of all patients who visit their GP with a cough or cold leave with a prescription for antibiotics, even though the drugs can't treat either of these common, temporary illnesses.
(Left) Poster details. (Right) An idea of how it could look on social media, supported by both the NHS and WHO.
A mark would appear on the meat/poultry products that have come from animals raised on antibiotics, as the meat still has traces of the drugs in them.
Below shows the posters that would serve as a reminder to both patients, nurses and doctors in hospitals of the incoming threat that is the antibiotic resistance.
This was a publication made outside of the constraints of the campaign. Magazines carry lots of bacteria in doctors surgeries, so the intention with this one is that it could be waterproof and easily cleaned.
The publication would work as a guide to break down the different components of the resistance, but also work as a device to teach others when they actually need to take antibiotics and when non-medicinal alternatives are just as good.
The layout mimics that of an information leaflet that normally would accompany a packet of antibiotics, with narrow columns and small print. The reader is given small chunks of information at a time, so it isn't overwhelming and easier to take in.
Throughout, there are printed 'bacteria' forms which interfere with reading, to show how bacteria is entering our lives and difficult to ignore. Quotes are used as a device to break up heavy information - this was a particular favourite from Alexander Flemming which is a warning about the abuse of antibiotics.