Social Media & WEB Management

  • Eva Kubacka

During the AW20 season I was appointed to curate Fashion Scout’s Instagram account and website. Director’s and mine conjoined vision for the season was to be strict on the amount of content being posted and its quality. Photography delivered by team of photographers and graphics (such as gifs) created by me were the main content uploaded to Instagram feed. Instagram stories included colourful gifs, funny boomerangs and other creative videos covering event and backstage activities. ​ ​ Full list of responsibilities for this project: leading digital team of 12 during LFW AW20; shaping and delivering the overall social media content strategy; creating, revising and monitoring digital content; publishing sponsored online content according to individual contracts; managing a social media schedule, liaising with directors to ensure the right balance of coverage; using Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator and/or After Effects to create or cutdown assets from images and video footage; contributing to overall branding and marketing strategy of the company; creating reports based on data and analytics.​​