Sony Launch Events

  • Davide Melis

Campaign pages and social shareable content are an essential part of a Launch event. A key component of Hugo&Cat work for Sony is the creation of a digital toolkit that includes: a product launch page with the streaming of the press conference, main product announcements and highlights of the event, images and copy for social share and a timelapse video that captures the buzz of the event.

The aim was to create an immersive experience and help people get a sense of the products while capitalising on the buzz of the event.
Over the years, utilising analytics and A/B testing, I helped developing a format that ensures a very high rate of clickthrough to the Product Pages. And every year the team tried to push the boundaries a little more, making sure that the page is fully integrated with the cross-channels marketing initiatives around the event.
One of the key pieces of work we do for this page is the booth visual. Especially at CES time it is a very delicate operation as the photo crew has to operate invisibly among the bustle that surrounds the preparation of the booth. I was on set during the days before the launch to create these assets. The challenge was that the assets needed extensive photography retouching and timeframes to creation were extremely tight.
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  • Design
  • Photographty
  • Photo retouching


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