Spinbarg Storytelling installation

  • Peter Musschenga

The Spinbarg storytelling installation travelled by ship and was on display in numerous galleries and museums in the Groningen area (Netherlands). It contains 13 folk tales depicted by animators, filmmakers, artists and composers in 12 viewing boxes and a soundscape. The specific form was derived from the shape of the ancient coal ship it harbored. The rounded steel walls of the ship and the sloped deck formed the outer lines of the design. The first performances were at Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival. After Groningen, the ship sailed through the province for two months and all kinds of activities on various locations were organised with participation of the local communicty. I also designed a 'light sail' as a landmark for the ship and the performance. The light sail consists of 7 vertical led lines, forming an abstract sail. Most of the 12 viewing boxes contain a display, some contain an interactive artwork. In the steel frame of the viewing boxes hangs a wooden box with hardly any straight corners. These frames can be placed together in numerous lay-outs, or apart as a stand alone viewing box. On the mainland the origin of the coal ship is still visible, thus the association with this old form of transport is preserved.

Above the installation on the mainlaind in a gallerty in the Museum Monastery in Ter Apel.
More information on this project also on the Spinbarg website: https://www.spinbarg.nl
The abstract 'light sail' that functions as a beacon and landmark for visitors. It could be hoisted like a real sail.
Before entering the performance in the ship, a double sided viewing box shows an introductory movie and an interactive installation made by students (photo: Aernout Steegstra).
A different location with different lighting. One red button is all that's needed to start and view the 3 minute stop-motion story
A stand alone viewing box. The box has a double floor and back wall that keeps all the electronics out of sight.