Startup Branding - Kollektiv

  • manu secouet

The Kollektiv is a group of designers who make T-shirts that stand out. The clothes are high quality and long lasting - definitely not fast fashion. The group started in Berlin but can now be found in 5 other cities around the world. And if you’re a designer you can join the Kollektiv and sell your T-shirts here too.

The grid is the symbol that brings all the elements together in a smart and flexible way. The branding is sophisticated but packs a punch - the T-shirts are for people who dare to be different. The colour scheme is yellow and purple - both bold and exclusive. The website lets the buyer choose from a huge array of styles, colours and even cities. The T-shirt is then packaged in a unique recycled cardboard tube.
taken my own photos - stock photos didnt match my aspirations for the brand