Studio Mazaar Branding

  • Leila George

This project was a live brief set by Accept & Proceed set for my second-year Graphic Design Communication course at Chelsea College of Arts. The brief was to come up with a brand identity for ’Studio Mazaar’ the new brand that will house Street Feast and other arts /entertainment/community ventures. The creator of Studio Mazaar got the idea from the street markets in Zanzibar, so this was a theme that I kept in mind when conceptualising ideas.


Initial logo development sketches

The logo design was focused on the letter’s ’S’ and ‘M’ and how they could interact in a visually exciting way. As the designs developed, I took inspiration from the iconic ornate door designs found in Stone Town, Zanzibar - and channeled this into the look of the ‘M’ by breaking it up in two parts that resembles an archway or entrance. The illustrated ‘doorway’ symbolises the inviting atmosphere of the Studio Mazaar brands and it being a physical ‘home’ of sorts for entertainment and hospitality. The circular formation of the logo represents the different brands coming together as one community and a 360 entertainment experience they provide.

Final Logo Designs

These were the final logo designs that I submitted for the project and added to mock ups. As I am uploading the project a couple years later, I have decided to update the font used in the design. I originally used Montserrat but now I have used Niveau Grotesk as I I feel it gives the branding a more classic yet contemporary look.
The branding aims to reflect the vibrancy of the subsidiaries within the Studio Mazaar family, whilst maintaining a modernity that will resonate with the primarily young and trendy target audience. The final logo design is versatile because the elements of the M can make a range of patterns that can be used on promotional products and furniture and signage.

Mock Ups

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