The Bower Monologues- Issue 001

  • Millen Brown-Ewens
  • giorgia frare
  • Clancy Ryan
  • Rubi-blue Collins
  • Bex Thackery
  • Sydney Radclyffe
  • lottie eustace
  • Georgina Dallas
  • Olivia Atkins
  • Zainab Raghdo
  • Elisha Fall
  • Sara Zanigni
  • Mollie Semple

As part of my final major project for my fashion journalism degree I produced and edited a print and online publication called The Bower Monologues which is available to purchase. The Bower Monologues is a bi-annual print publication and website exploring arts, culture and literature through the female psyche. Created by and for the modern woman, it provides an alternative to the zine-like feminist publications and online platforms already available. Instead, The Bower Monologues aims to inspire and reignite an appreciation for creative expression in its discrete forms placing particular emphasis on illustration, photography and poetry. The byline is ‘as seen by her’. The print publication has been produced as a magazine/book hybrid, visually beautiful and inspired by antique book covers and artists such as William Morris and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. As well as writing over 10 pieces for the print publication and several for online, I also commissioned, directed and edited both visual and written content from over 20 women who collaborated with me on this project. Available online at: