The Color Purple / MOCK Book cover design

  • Victoria Monari

This cover design is based on #THECOLORPURPLE the infamous novel by Alice Walker �✨� (My aim was specifically not to use purple anywhere on the design; every previous book cover I encountered had this element to it and I thought it was a bit overdone. I believe the neutral tones work very well with the film still of Whoppi Goldberg and the colour way in that. In terms of why I chose the photo I thought it was frankly such a beautiful shot and the expression of her face says so much. I wanted a modern tone even though it’s a very traditional novel, so I opted for the font #FUTURA and played around with it a bit. I believe making the actual title not in capital letter gives a casual feel to it juxtaposing the heavy nature of the contents of the novel itself. I just wanted a design that was both stylish and easily digestible; something that people would want pick up instantly, read and keep. For me the best design lies in simplicity. ) *IMPORTANT to note a few disclaimers I don’t own the rights to the photo, the blurb or the logo used / all were used for the purpose of the UAL project: the image is a still from the film, the #penguinclassics logo which is included in this cover has no affiliation with Penguin random house I used the logo for professional and creative flair to show how it may look like under a publishing house (please don’t sue me @penguinukbooks lol) / and text from the blurb can be credited to @goodreads / however all design choice and creative direction can be credited to me made possible through adobe Indesign * working on this turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable so if anyone needs a book cover lmk�✨� *#publishing #design #minimaldesign #graphicdesign #adobe #mockdesign #bookcover #whoopigoldberg #mockdesign #UAL #lcc