The Domino Project Book

  • Clelia Giannuoli
  • Elena Amalia Radu
  • Eglė Gri

The idea came to me during my first trip to Roman Road Market. I was taking photographs of geometric shapes, mainly those I found on the floor. Positioning the pictures into a collage I noticed how they were creating a domino pattern. I took the pattern into illustrator and created a domino design for a plaque. I made a plaque with acrylic black and white plastic using the laser cutter. Through the plaque which portrays a set of domino tiles I want to commemorate the people behind the game. Between the years 1870 - 1939, unemployed tailoring workers used to play interminable games of domino while waiting for an employer to walk through their lofts and offer them a job. The plaque would be displayed in Greatorex Street (Whitechapel) where the offices of the United Garment & Tailoring Workers Trade Union used to be. Each tile represents a worker and the pieces are all united in a set as the workers were united by the Union. The booklet highlights the most significant research steps which led to realisation of the commemorative plaque.