The Horticultural Spa

  • Rachel Wingfield

WHERE: The Thames River Path, London WHEN: May 30-31 - June 5-6-7 2015 CLIENT: The Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership An otherworldly experience on the banks of London’s River Thames in 2015. Conceived and directed by Rachel Wingfield and delivered by Loop.pH. Part greenhouse, part pneumatic bubble, the horticultural spa is a sensory, ephemeral architecture and future spa. The space is inflated and filled with fragrant fog for people to come, stop, breathe and connect. Visitors are immersed in a fine atomised medicinal mist that energises, invigorates and awakens the senses as it absorbs into the skin. This is a unique wellness experience that celebrates the ancient world of apothecary and plant knowledge to create a powerful and sensory journey. Inspired by the futuristic works of Buckminster Fuller it recreates the atmosphere of a mist-filled traditional bathhouse whilst minimising water use. This was a unique collaboration between an art and design studio, a perfumer and a world leader in agricultural fogging technology.