The Machine Stops

  • Alison Dominguez

Designer Production Reprographics on Tracing Paper Perfect Bound The Machine Stops is a short story by author E.M Foster. As one of my first editorial pieces of university, my design represents the plot of the story using only typography. The story is broken up into three sections, each representing a development within the plot. It starts out well constructed, and as the sections continue it develops into more of a manic story line. The story is based on a system of living called "the machine." I wanted to take the visual concept of systems to represent the story so I chose a similar outline to cityscape/ urban planning maps. Instead of using lines I used the text in places of roads and buildings. As the story gets more manic the system begins to break down, similar to the plot of the text. I printed it on tracing paper so you’re able to see the system breaking down and changing as you flip the page.