The Project at Hoxton

  • Steph Marlow
  • Ben McQueen
  • Zoe Bruce
  • Sarah Ardell
  • Netta Peltola
  • Siobhan Frost

The Hoxton Project is a 270-room undergraduate residence in London, which was required to meet ambitious targets in a competitive, over-supplied market. It gave us an unprecedented opportunity to reconsider the ways in which customers connect with a brand – visually, spatially and experientially. A deep-dive research mission provided understanding and insights which propelled the strategy and design.

A journey of discovery

How we could create a building full of happy students? Our ‘discover’ process was rooted in a study of behaviours, values and attitudes. We gathered international academics, including experts in architecture, environment, psychology, sociology and neuroscience, to help us shape the user experience. After talking to the experts and the students, it was apparent that everyone’s needs were different.
As a result, we made room for different perspectives and interpretations in our recommendations. For example, students can easily move furniture and walls to change the space to suit their moods and needs; they are able to curate and host their own events using the app and community platform. A major insight was that students who had the ability to control and give input to their situation and environment were happier and more content.

Going the extra mile

We worked closely with all parties throughout the process – from the client and developers to architects, interior designer and building management team – to ensure the brand strategy was implemented cohesively. We considered every part of the experience and the space, from commissioning soundscape experts to influencing aspects of the interiors. We recommended that the management team hire a Project Guide to help coordinate and enable events.
The Project has exceeded expectations in terms of emotional value, point of difference and cultural relevance. This Works have created an environment students want to be in. — James Halstead, Director of Real Assets, BlackRock

Shaped & defined

For this generation of students, transparency and exploration are really important, so we made sure we were visible and accountable throughout. This included producing a three-part mini documentary about the process, and setting up an online platform for ongoing advice and learnings on The Project.Our graphic identity and tone of voice follows through on this too. 'Shape the space you inhabit; define the person you become' succinctly sums it up. The graphic identity was formed around the unexpected connections, the permission to experiment and the feeling of being on the edge of something truly transformational.


Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Art Direction, Photography, Animation, App & Website Design and Development, Printed Marketing Material, Signage and Wayfinding, Tone of Voice and Copy, Documentary Film, Branding Implementation Management, SEO, PPC Advertising, Social Media Strategy and Content