To Step

  • Hannah Underwood

An initiative to encourage young people to exercise more driven by the fact that some teenagers simply lack any motivation when it comes to non-compulsory exercise. The concept was driven by the idea to give teenagers a reward if they opt to walk instead of getting a bus, lift or tube. ‘To Step’ enables users to spend their reward on the return journey home, thus encouraging walking to become a habit. The app design is vibrant with a contemporary feel and includes a shareable update feature, as credibility and proof are important features for teenagers.

A vibrant app design with a futuristic feel will generate interest for the user. Creating an account is straightforward and informative. Credibility and proof plays a big part in the everyday lives of teenagers so To Step includes a shareable update. Personal weekly/monthly/yearly results are available to each user which is shareable across all social platforms.
Routes are easily planned with suggested opt-in walks integrated into the users journey, showing the points available. When routes are walked the user receives points which is later translated into money to spend on other journeys.
Collectable stylistic posters available to purchase through the app.
Like the posters, the app offers on brand stylistic filters for users to apply onto photographs taken whilst on their journeys, along with customisable two word type options. Saving the image or sharing it to socials; users can track their progress and show credibility in an alternative way.