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In late 2016, the weather page on Tourism Ireland's website was one of its most visited pages. With the stats measuring 63,000 views per month and just under four minutes of viewing time per visitor, this meant a real opportunity to showcase content that could prove Ireland is an amazing place to visit all year round, no matter what the weather. 
The proposition of 'ever-changing weather' was created and we set out as a small team to capture real Irish people talking about all the things Ireland has to offer no matter the weather. Covering the topics of Art, Pubs, the Northern Lights, Cycling, and Surfing, we gathered content to convince any prospective traveller to choose Ireland as a destination.​
Pre-production included research to find real Irish people all over the country and creating a plan to get us to all of these people in one week. 
Still one of my all-time favourite projects, myself and the team are incredibly proud of what we achieved. Unfortunately the content never went live due to unforeseen circumstances client-side.
Director / DOP / Editor: Marko Anstice
Copywriter: Nicola Thompson
Producer: Rebekah Renford
Creative Director: Yannick Connan

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