Truth Seekers Launch with Amazon Prime Video

  • Hassan Sharif
  • Will Worsdell
  • Jack Lamacraft
  • Lloyd Major
  • Ellie Mittler
  • Ellie Mittler
What We Were Proving.
Truth Seekers is a must-watch supernatural horror-comedy TV series.
How We Proved It.
Using the central idea of “things are not what they seem” we brought the supernatural horror-comedy show to life for key opinion formers in three ways; A global live streamed cast Q+A, a creative media mailer package, and an immersive influencer screening experience in HMS Darkside (the ghost-hunting van from the show), all inducting our opinion formers into the Truth Seekers world while adhering to best in class COVID guidelines.

The Proof.
The HMS Darkside experience generated 23 Instagram posts and 160 Instagram stories, resulting in over 2.2million impressions, over 75,000 active engagements and over 1.7million story views.