Uber & Manchester United - "Destination United"

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Working with agency Copa90 we captured 360° footage around Old Trafford to form part of an immersive VR experience held in the Southern Indian city of Bengaluru in 2018. The idea of the 3 day event was to transport fans to Old Trafford using physical and digital interactive means, since as many as 99% of the world's many Manchester United fans will never get the chance to visit the stadium in person. The 360 footage was projected inside one of Igloo Vision's interactive domes which presents spectators with an immersive, panoramic 360° view of the stadium, the players tunnel, the pitch and the home dressing room. 360 footage can sometimes be quite restrictive in terms of movement, especially in large spaces, so we decided to utilise the Motion Impossible Mantis, a radio-controlled remote dolly with a gyro-stabilised Kenyon arm to keep the 360 camera level and steady while the platform is moving. I also performed the post-production stitching of the 360° footage using Mistika VR, as well as carrying out the grading of the footage.


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