Unlearn: Forget Everything You Know About Tiktok

  • Rhianna Cohen
  • Jemima Garthwaite
  • Roanne Toosy
  • Roxana McGlew
  • Livvy Moore
  • Ana Schefer
  • Chloe Martin

Forget everything you know about TikTok! We’ve duetted, stitched and filtered our way through the platform, and it turns out it’s not just for Gen Z lip syncing enthusiasts. Hey, but you knew that already. We spoke to Creators, Experts and Brand Managers to unpack all things TikTok. Deep diving into the cultures, subcultures, trends and future of the platform that is taking over the world and turning social on its head. TikTok had over 315 million downloads last year, and stands on the precipice of becoming the most widely used platform worldwide. With 21% of users sharing branded content and product recommendations (compared to 15% on Insta), we recommend you get to know! ‘If you want your brand to be important to Gen Z, join TikTok.’ - Rachel, Director Global Marketing, Dickies Download the latest report in our Unlearn series, where we put preconceptions aside, and debunk myths to uncover the information that really matters for Brands. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://thishe.re/pages/unlearn-tiktok


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