Unrest – #studentletterpressworkers2018

  • Holly Small
  • Rhiannon Blake
  • Brie Gobel

Unrest is collaborative project that brought students from BCU, Kingston, CSM, Plymouth and east anglia together for 3 days of letterpress printing. Hosted by Naomi Kent, the printmaking technician at Birmingham city university. Kent organised not only letterpress printing, but a typesetting challenge and the initial brief for 'Unrest' where each student had to design a piece of work around this theme. The work was designed to be 180mm x 210mm with a 3mm bleed, all the work was collected on day one, and by day three was turned into books for each contributor to take home. My contribution was the 'leaders of unrest' poster, this design was created from my fear of certain leaders of countries, who's names were constantly appearing in the news. My emotions and the theme of news was combined to create a newspaper layout with an article that displayed my feelings towards these well known figures, and questioned other people's faith in them too. Other playful prints of #studentletterpressworkers2018 that were created during the 3 days centred around the theme of 'peace'. The work created was a variety of prints of all shapes, sizes, colours and layers of ink, the only limitations were the typefaces available to use. ​ The student letterpress workers workshop ran from June 26th–28th 2018, and the 15 other creatives involved were... Naomi Kent, Ines Stearman, A. Mattson Gallagher, Eleanor Guest, David Easton, Callum Yaw, Elizabeth Fraser, Andrew Birney, Rhiannon Blake, Louis Jarvis, Tasha Adalia Livingstone, Nathan Bunting, Matteo Russo, Ciara Price and Brie Gobel. ​ Creatives Instagram tags: ​ @inksquasher @ines_stearman_design @amgllghr @eleanor_guest_designs @3astond @yawdesigns @frauhaus1 @andrewbirney @rhirhibeee @l.j.polaroid @tashaadalia @nathanbunting @matteo_designs @ciaraprice123 @briegobel