Veuve Clicquot | Click for Cliquot Campaign

  • Sandra Valavanides
I was part of the agency team at P1C pitching and producing for the Verve Cliquot gifting app, first of its kind in the food and beverage industry.
A concept built around gifting recipients notified of their gift via a simple SMS or email, making the champaign gift redeemable instantly to the chosen recipient.
The apps interface required to be bold and refined into luxury gold elements, adoring closely to Verve Cliquot’s strict brand guidelines. Presented in a contemporary format familiar to the brand’s forward thinking ethos, the use of simple UX to eye-catching icons and imagery made it all more apparent.
The app was developed around the campaign concept of Valentines Day 2015.
Simply buying a bottle of champagne on V DAY should make toasting your romance expense a little more exciting, with the soft launch driving over 4,000+ downloads.

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