Weathrsm Mobile App

  • Pete Mo

SCOPE Design a mobile weather app prototype that gives a user a better sense of locality. This was a personal project. PROCESS I researched the weather apps available in the market and sketched the first concepts. I assumed that with global access to camera feeds (via EarthCam), I could bring in any major location's live street-view in addition to the numerical and factual weather information. For my assets, I selected the weather icons from the Noun Project. I complemented them with Gill Sans Nova typeface for its elegant, modern quality and extensive font family. I wanted the weather report to be prominent and straightforward while overlaying a live video feed. In the end, for the mockup, I used footage from pexels.com and pixabay.com. I designed the UI in Adobe Photoshop, which I imported into Adobe After Effects. And I experimented with spot blurring and dimming of the video layer to give the weather report overlay enough contrast.