Web&UI Development / UNESCO Creativity Knowledge Management System

  • Emanuele Cidonelli

As soon as I joined the UNESCO's Division for Diversity of Cultural Expression, I passed under review their communication and knowledge management platforms and prepared a report on the limits of the tools they were using and on the interventions to be taken within the opportunities and the challenges of working within the organisation's global standards, which were at that time, under a slow and under-funded restructuring process.

As a solution, I desiged a new knowledge management platform as a sub-system of the global UNESCO Drupal platform, with an independent database and multiple backend functions to facilitate multi-user editing process and crowdsourcing data collections and analysis on cultural policies and creative industries.

The platform was enhanced with new Bootstrap theme incorporating elements from the corporate homepage into more responsive and adaptive behaviors that could facilitate user reading and interaction across multiple entities (countries, projects, statutory processes) and a large influx of information.

I considered 3 priorities during the design and development of the theme:
- enable cross-cultural and cross-platforms access and usability;
- centralise and optimise in one tool all core functions to collect, process, and distribute informations;
- refocus the communication on artists and their work.