Webinar recording: How to promote your company & engage with your followers on The Dots – with founder Pip Jamieson

  • Pip Jamieson
  • Cathy Wang
  • Brendan McKnight
  • Danielle Barry

Thanks to those that joined our live webinar on 26th November 2020! For those that missed it (or if you want to watch it again), you'll find the video below.

Here's is a recap of the top 4 ways to promote your company and engage with your followers. Shout out if you need a hand with anything!

– Want to create a company page? head here (it’s worth checking first it’s not already on The Dots here)

– Or, want to know how to look after an existing page? please email us and we'll help out

1. Post an ask (perfect for call outs, research & finding collaborators) via your:

  • Company page (you need to be page admin): If you have lots of company page followers (c. 1,000+)
  • Personal profile: If you’re still building your following, select your personal profile from the dropdown list. It’s worth building your network here first

2. Post an event (build engagement & get RSVPs!).

  • If your event is paid, please contact us to get you set up. You don’t need to be page admin
  • The best time to post is Mon - Fri, 10am - 3pm

3. Post a project/campaign (drive engagement & brand awareness)

  • Be sure to credit your teammates (if you have them), to come higher in search
  • At the final step of posting, select your company name from the dropdown list. You need to be the page admin

4. Post a job (attract quality & diverse talent)

  • It’s free to post freelance jobs & internships! Head here to post. You don’t need to be the page admin
  • If you’re interested in recruiting talent on The Dots please contact Danni