Workshops On Demand [Free Downloadable Resources for Creatives]

  • Denise Chippindale
  • John Furno

Since going online, we wanted to create a series of workshops and events that are easily accessibile, free and downloadable.

Register > Download> Play > Dominate Life.

Introducing ON DEMAND. A series of 15 workshops and events, curated for you to excel in your day to day life, work & play.

Simply register for free below to receive a confirmation ticket with the details of how to download. You'll even receive £15 credit to attend your next workshop... heck yes.

Career Focused:
So You Think You Want A Career In Tech?
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I Need a Career Change After All
F*ck Being Humble Presents: CV's Made Easy
A Guide to Creating the Ultimate CV

Own Your Story: How To Speak Up and Own Your Accomplishments
Creative Queens While In Quarantines
How to Navigate a Quarter Life Crisis
Tools to Boost Daily Effectiveness & Productivity with Evernote
I've got 99 problems, but oozing creativity ain't one

Skills Led:
Getting Started with UX
Getting Started with Data Science
Getting Started with Data Analytics
Getting Started with Digital Marketing
Getting Started with HTML
Getting Started with PDM