Writing an entertaining guide to choosing a pet

  • Sarah Farley
  • Tina Bernstein
Mapology Guides wanted to create an illustrated self-help guide designed to help people choose their perfect pet. The twist? The map was to be presented from the viewpoint of the animals.
I worked with illustrator, Nanna Koekoek, and the Mapology Guides design team to research different pets. We considered a range of animals and types of pet ownership — from puppies and ponies to pet rocks and pet sitting — based on how easy or difficult they were to look after, their lifespan, space needed and the cost of caring for them.
I wrote about more than 40 pets, describing their characteristics, unique needs, fun facts and the type of owner they wanted to live with.
The result was an illustrated guide, poster and series of postcards available online and in store.


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