Holly & Co

Here to help you make a living, doing what you love

Twickenham, United Kingdom


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Founded by Holly Tucker MBE, Holly & Co is cheerleading the small business revolution in the UK. We saw that the landscape for small businesses was grey and uninspiring – a relic of a beyond era, so we set about creating Holly & Co. A place where we are building a tribe of like-minded people, and changing the landscape for small businesses for the better. We believe that anyone can build a business doing what they love and that by doing so, they will live a happier and more fulfilled life. We’re here to demystify the grey world of business once and for all: allowing dreams to take flight. We’ll also inspire in equal measure, through sharing founder stories on our podcast and putting on events that recharge the soul. We’re here for you, whether you’re dreaming about starting a small business, you’re moonlighting every spare minute you get, or you’re already running your own enterprise – your virtual co-founder.

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