A Blueprint for the Future: a new generation ready to transform the music industries

  • Daniel Williams
  • Youth Music Admin
  • Domenica Simpson
  • Kalisha Patel
  • Olivia Williams
  • Emily Goldhill
  • Pippo Khalwa
  • Nick Wilsdon
  • james hogwood
  • Fiona Ghobrial

Youth Music is excited to launch 'A Blueprint For The Future', a new report featuring the voices and experiences of over 1,300 people aged 18-25 looking to break into the music industries. It explores their experiences of educational pathways, the difficulties in creating a sustainable living from music and analyses who is most affected by this.

It also shines a light on the numerous and creative ways that these same young professionals, struggling to get in and get on, are working with peers to forge their own paths outside the system. Working in DIY ways, closer to their clients and audiences, unafraid to try new things, unjaded, passionate and not stuck in old ways, they are building a fairer system from the bottom up.
To amplify this amazing work we've launched our Incubator Fund - a new £2m investment aimed at supporting the next generation of music industry professionals and forward thinking music businesses to innovate and reset, responding to the challenges of 2020.