Adobe Lightoom - Around The World In Eight Plays

  • Holly-Marie Cato
  • Jade Adeyemi
  • Amanda Kingsley
  • Natalie Mitchell
  • Jordan Clarke
  • Meeka M

Around the world in eight plays is a project for Adobe Lightroom, following eight photographers in different parts of the world and asking what play means to them and what it looks like in their city? For me, play isn’t polished, it doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s spontaneous, loud, vibrant, and beautiful. Adobe Lightroom set the challenge to share what play looks like for me. As a creator, sometimes I'm so focused on work that I lack opportunities to play. So with this project I flipped that script and gathered an all-Black women team of creatives who excite and inspire me, to collaborate and have fun. Creative lead + Photography by me Art Direction - Jade Adeyemi Direction - Meeka Tami Model - Jordan Ski Makeup Artist - Tia Louise Assistance from - Amanda Kingsley & Natalie Mitchell Play brings people together. Play is when imagination runs wild and when the right ingredients come together, play looks like this...


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