all in: bodied

  • Carlyn McNabb
  • Gina Stewart
  • Rhianna Cohen
  • Thomas Minnock
  • Bryony Stone

We've been working with Melissa Shoes to help them retain relevance through a partnership programme supporting young creatives. all in: bodied was a multidisciplinary collaboration led by writer and curator Bryony Stone that took place at Galeria Melissa London last month. all in: bodied is a love-letter to the female-identifying body in motion: how she occupies space, the infinite variations of the form she takes, and the way she moves through the world. For more information email Read more at [Curator: Bryone Stone | Choreography: Grace Nicol | Performer: Becky Namgaud | Design: Sinead O'Dwyer | Arist: Zoe Marden | Producer: Gina Stewart]


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