Amazing Space Paint

A new Dulux service that transforms the experience of choosing and buying paint for your home


In an on-demand world where convenience and immediacy are key, consumers still saw achieving a dream living space through the world of DIY and painting as an unwelcome slog – 28% who started a project dropped out before completion.
As a market leader, Dulux had a tremendous opportunity to challenge these conventions and redefine how people think about decorating. What if they could actually reinvent the paint buying experience around the consumer, making it easier and encouraging people to decorate more often?


Reinvent the entire ‘paint experience’ around the user. Creating a digitally led experience that was convenient, stress free and personal.
Our Paint. Your Way.


Amazing Space Paint: An entirely new platform that fundamentally challenges the way we find, buy and use paint.


The first step in reinvesting the ‘paint experience’ was to help consumers choose the right paint for the job. We simplified colour choice and improved in-room visualisation.


With a plethora of products, colours and finishes available, the service also offers guidance and recommended features and finishes, based on the specific project and needs.


The final hurdle consumers faced was finding time for multiple trips to DIY stores. We removed this problem entirely by introducing home delivery within 48 hours and improved communications with regular updates on order progress.


Since the service went live in August 2016, visitor traffic has been extremely positive, with 40,000 unique visits, a bounce rate of just 20% and significant uptake.Half of all visitors start creating their paint, with 1 in 7 completing the choice selection process – 20% of whom then go on to add their custom tin of paint to their cart.