Assembly Coffee Caps - Selected Espresso

  • Vasiliki Zotou
  • Ariadna Vilalta Capdevila

The Selected Espresso Coffee Caps give a cup full of sweetness, creamy texture and rich crema. After years of research it was decided that using aluminium for the coffee capsules is the optimal material for quality and consistency, while also considering the fact that it has potential to be recycled infinitely if disposed of consciously. With a focus on crema and the aluminium nature of the pods, we created a packaging experience as well as the campaign graphics to reflect that. In terms of digital graphics, we created a 3D model of the capsules, luxurious and clearly showcasing the fact that it is made from aluminium while maintaining the elevated status of the coffee experience. The 3D model was designed with the actual capsule shape in mind and then used in motion graphics that serve as the main branding for the Coffee Caps. Rich browns and reds are used in the box design and the sleeves (that house the multipack offering of 40 pods). The red and white contrast of the elements makes the box a definite stand out product on a busy high end retail shelf. The embossing is inspired by the crema illustrations created to visually represent the full and rich tasting experience of espresso. The vertical placement of the logo creates an interesting visual story and as a main brand element of the Assembly brand it hints back to the design of the main coffee bags. In addition, the creative direction of the packaging shots amplifies the experience of using the capsules while enhancing its premium nature. Collaborators: Concept and creative: Ariadna Vilalta 3D and Motion Design: Borja Holke Packaging and Creative Direction: Vasiliki Zotou Sleeve is done in GFSmith Wild Sand 350gsm