The flavour index

  • Vasiliki Zotou
  • Ariadna Vilalta Capdevila

The flavour index is Assembly’s new coffee subscription service. Assembly is a premium coffee roaster in the UK with a core purpose to uncover and showcase coffees which present truly unique qualities. The flavour index was created as a means to catalogue all the coffees a customer would be receiving every month with their subscription, based on one common denominator – taste. With the first order they receive a custom-designed box, that holds 12 cards ( for a whole year ), and each month a new flavour will be added to your index in the form of explanatory taste cards with space for recipes on the back. Alongside the brand experience during purchase online and the accompanying printed collateral, the unboxing experience is complete with a first purchase complimentary gift – a handmade linen tea towel. The challenge for this project was to create a different experience than what usual coffee subscriptions are like, make the customer feel like they are part of a process and keep them excited to receive their coffee every month. The motion design really elevates all the digital touch-points and gives another layer of complexity to the branding. Collaborators: Senior Designer: Ariadna Vilalta Motion Designer: Borja Holke Print collateral is done in GFSmith paper