Beyond the Waterfall

Beyond the Waterfall has been one of my favourite and most challenging projects. It was an incredibly fast-paced project that took a mere 2 months from initial brief to opening day. The sold-out project received wide-spread consumer and media praise, and ensured a long-lasting client relationship.
As creative lead, I constructed the aesthetic and narrative of the installation, always mindful of the site’s restrictions, budget and build timeline. Together with my design team, I set the goal to deliver an extraordinary experience for Westfield clients - an adult Christmas Grotto cocktail bar, which had guests step into a magical, underwater world.
Building a 500-tonne lake in a fitted out of a retail space in the largest London shopping centre was a structural and logistical challenge - I collaborated with engineers, steel fabricators and health and safety officers in order to achieve a lake complete with waterfall and miniature islands.


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