Breakfast Club

RSA Breakfast Club offers a monthly opportunity to meet other Fellows and start the day with a purposeful conversation. Breakfast Club was another of the event formats that I introduced whilst Events and Programme Manager for The RSA’s 12st century enlightenment coffeehouse, Rawthmells. The purpose was to bring together members of their community of Fellows, to connect people across industries to share ideas and challenges. The challenging questions that we tackled in conversations at Breakfast Club ranged from whether we need a higher education revolution or a global politics, to how we can build cities for positive mental health and how we can adapt to survive a hundred year career. The concept: Grab a coffee and some breakfast to fuel an informal conversation around the Fellowship table. Every month we discuss a different question that contains the energy for social change. Come along if you are curious and don't worry about being an expert - the more diverse the voices present, the more constructive and interesting the conversation is! How it works: the host will introduce the topic in a maximum of ten minutes and set out the question(s) for discussion, before facilitating a conversation around the table. After breakfast each member of the group will be invited to commit to take action to develop the conversation and make positive change where they can, within their spheres of influence.