Can't read it wrong

  • Alice Werrell
  • Hannah Freeman

Alice Werrell and Hannah Freeman Insight: Standard pregnancy tests can be difficult to decipher leaving you unsure of the result Proposition: You can't read it wrong with this one Prints: Our copy-based prints explore the confusion people feel when reading pregnancy tests though double negatives which causes confusion much like the false negative you often get with standard pregnancy tests. App: We then made an ad for a menstruation tracking app, which uses the data collected within the app to notify you if your period was late, encouraging you to buy the product. Direct Mail: Is to be supplied in University Halls included in the Freshers Starter pack. It is an educational means to teach both boys and girls how to take pregnancy tests so that if they ever do find themselves in that situation, they can deal with it in a collected way. Furthermore, this group of people are unlikely to want to read a positive pregnancy result which hits our insight which speaks about the emotion of relief when you find you're in fact negative. The DM supplies you with a liquid what looks like urine which reacts with the chemical within the fake pregnancy test revealing a 'not pregnant' result. Also supplied is a concertina leaflet that informs you of what to do next if you were to find yourself in the situation of possibly being pregnant.