Monzo Round Ups. Save with every spend

  • Alice Werrell
  • Hannah Freeman

Alice Werrell and Hannah Freeman Insight: It's always nice when you find that little bit of extra cash down the back of the sofa, but these moments are rare. With the Round Up feature on Monzo you can have that feeling every time you spend. Headline: That little bit extra Proposition: Monzo Round Ups. Save with every spend Prints: We used visual puns to illustrate normal objects with 'extra' features. Experiential: We redesigned common objects that would be placed round towns and cities. Direct Mail: When you sign up to Monzo you get sent a card just like with any other bank. From experience, this existing Direct mail is disinteresting. So, we decided to redesign the card with 'a little bit extra'. The card would be extended in size with an additional part added which can be snapped off. This snap off part of the card functions almost like a swiss army knife. What was once a simple card now has many extras illustrating that with Monzo round ups you have a bit of extra money you didn't know you had to do things you didn't know you could do just like with the extra bit of the card you have acquired. The features we designed on the card are: a nail file, a serrated edge to cut things, a mirror, a ruler, a hole to add to a key ring, a right angle edge and a bottle opener.