• Stefani Cottrill
  • Nicole Jade

During Y1 the challenge was to rebrand Clean & Clear with a new strategy and understanding of their GenZ consumer—creating relevant content and drive sales. Part of the creative strategy was to build an asset library from quarterly shoots, which would allow the teams to develop 3-5 months of social content. With a beauty and content creation background, I brought creative direction and leadership to the teams during digital/social concepting and video post production. Evolving the Be You campaign, remaining fresh and relevant with GenZ, and continuing to increase sales was the focus in Y2. I kicked off Q1 content with the NY creative teams and as the account transitioned to LA, I moved along with it. From LA, I oversaw the shoot, transition process, and helped build new account and creative teams. During this period, it was imperative to maintain creative standards and brand guidelines as content continued to develop from both cities. We shot in New York and Los Angeles. Creative Role / Creative Director, Creative + Art Direction, Director, Concept, PrePro + Post, Design


Casting was key to ensure we collaborated with Gen Zers who had unique, bold personalities and oozed authenticity.


1 shoot yielding 3-5 months of content…


As the new look & feel took form, tentpole moments, like new product launches, allowed the ‘Be You’ campaign to unfold even more.