Coronavirus – how we can all support each other

  • Mohan Wickramasinghe
  • Raquel Sacristán Risueño
  • Sophie Howe
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Illustration by Zachary Hill
Dear community,
It’s been heartbreaking to watch the recent events unfold, both from a personal perspective (my 78-year-old mother-in-law is very ill with COVID) and a community perspective, with lots of amazing people on The Dots already losing work and clients. For anyone who knows me and The Dots, you’ll know one of our core values is positivity, striving to always focus on solutions – not problems.
With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of ways we can support you and each other through these crazy challenging times. I hope they help. Stay well and let’s look after each other!
Founder & CEO, The Dots

1. Looking for Coronavirus support?
We just launched a Coronavirus support feed. Ask related questions (freelancing, remote working etc.) or browse other questions from our community here.
2. Looking for work?
- Update your availability, so you’re easily found!
- Update your profile
- Set up job alerts, so you never miss an opportunity
- Follow companies for updates on jobs

3. Need career advice or a portfolio review?
Ask a question! We have a small army of mentors from It’s Nice That, Dazed, Rankin, D&AD and more on hand to help.

4. Looking to collaborate?
Check out collaborator call outs or post your own.

5. Want to upskill, connect with others or escape the isolation?
RSVP to one of the many webinars & virtual events that have started to hit The Dots – many are free!

6. Looking to hire?
It’s completely free to post internships, part time and freelance jobs. It would be amazing if you could share opportunities with the community.

7. Any other ways we can help?
Feel free to connect and direct message me here :-)


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