Creating a Lifelong Love of Reading - My First Readers

  • Irene Tabayoyon

Engaged by a children's publisher to work with a writer and illustrator and create a line of twenty books, with activity companion guides, that would engage three and four year-olds who had newly learned the alphabet into the wide world that reading can offer. Time, deliberation and consideration by myself to assuage the best font, book size, paper, binding and other materials that would work best for children in this young and impressionable age group so that their first experience with books would leave an impression to last a lifetime.


We settled for Comic Sans. I know what many designers are thinking. Why in the world are these books made with Comic Sans? Well, as it turns out this is the font that is the most relatable to little 3 to 5-year-olds. It’s familiar to them because of how a child learns to write. With testing MANY fonts, this was the successful choice.
Design process: We chose to keep the book to this size. Small and easy to complete a book. Large font size. The best font.
Created x number books. Connected together, gradients getting a little more difficult. Internal content.