Creativity Works Visual Storytelling - Yet Another Day

  • Jai Toor
  • Michael Sargeant
  • Mark Crowley
  • Shingi Sibanda
  • A New Direction London
  • Sonia Jeunet
  • Emma Bowkett

Yet Another Day examines the relationship between Jai Toor's grandparents as they seek comfort and well-being in their everyday lives. Domestic spaces and the workplace provide an integral setting for this story of a generation who have lived in West London for 40 years. Through tender observation, Toor’s images allow us to view the nuanced themes of compassion and anxiety that occur in family life. His grandparents have a long history of health issues, however, this has not stopped them working and overcoming the issues they face. With non- linear narrative, we are able to glimpse a day-in-the-life scenario of two people who are his family.