• Yasmin Carter-Morgan

For my FMP, I explored how missed movement can influence and inspire design. I focused my attention on handwriting and the missed movement within this, the shapes the top of the pen make (CYPHER) versus the ink end, which writes a letter. In doing this, I found that although there were similarities, each person's CYPHER was infinitely unique. After documenting an alphabet of these CYPHER shapes, I developed a personalisable communication app within which the user can send messages using their CYPHER and the only way to decode them is if the sender shares their CYPHER Key (alphabet) with the recipient. For the user to first create their CYPHER, they need the Stylus, which holds motion trackers and bluetooth to connect to the application. As well as this, there is an option to customise clothing and homewares. It is also possible to download your CYPHER as a font on your computer.