• Yasmin Carter-Morgan

Ground-ed is a student-lead mindfulness movement for stressed students. I love my plants, they bring me so much joy and I found myself using them to be mindful quite a lot, that's where this project stemmed from (no pun intended). Ground-ed pops up in fresher's fayres all over the country and encourages the purchase of one of 5 easy-care, small plants which come with a mindfulness diary and a care-guide. . . The process of having to look after the plant is supposed to work in unison with the mindfulness diary and prompts to look after yourself as you do the plant. If you remove dead leaves, brush your hair. If you water them, have a glass of water. We only grow if we nurture ourselves. . . The diary allows space for mindful thought reflection and also provides tips and contact information for helpful organisations.

The selection of gift bags used for each specific plant on offer as a starter for the scheme.
The full set of items involved in the Ground-ed scheme. Including the plant with specific care guide, mindfulness diary and plant-specific gift bag.
The mindfulness diary.
Example plant with specific care guide.
Thoughts pages from inside the mindfulness diary.