• Elisabetta Cuccaro

De.composition developed within the framework of a collaboration between the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and the Frank Mohr Institute. The paradigms of artistic research are investigated using a practical approach, which took the shape of an installation on the notion of time. The work consists of two parts: a photographic archive of the process of research itself, which shows the different experiments and reflections that formed it and the final elaboration on the concept of fungal time. De.composition presents a 'meeting with time' by displaying a growing mould on a pedestal. A camera detects changes in themould and these are subsequently translated into sound in real time. Themoulding process creates a soundscape which sonicmodulations travels through the space as spores would do. Themould is displayed to let the visitor experience his inability to see changes while hearing them. In collaboration with: Kawita Super / Quintus Glerum/ Phoebe Toh / Maartje Teerpstra / Shay Josef