• Elisabetta Cuccaro

De.composition developed within the framework of a collaboration between the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and the Frank Mohr Institute. The paradigms of artistic research are investigated using a practical approach, which took the shape of an installation on the notion of time. The work consists of two parts: a photographic archive of the process of research itself, which shows the different experiments and reflections that formed it and the final elaboration on the concept of fungal time. De.composition presents a 'meeting with time' by displaying a growing mould on a pedestal. A camera detects changes in the mould and these are subsequently translated into sound in real time. The moulding process creates a soundscape with ongoing sonic modulations, which travels through space as spores would do. The mould is displayed to let visitors experience their inability to see changes while actually hearing them. In collaboration with: Kawita Super / Quintus Glerum/ Phoebe Toh / Maartje Teerpstra / Shay Josef