EY Disruption Lab / Hyper Island

  • Sara Carlstedt

We created different teams that each had a part of the user experience or the user journey. We worked with the 5E UX model to define and structure our work. We incorporated “the business canvas” to make sense of the feasibility of our work. I was part of the engagement group and we did massive research on both how workspace needs to be, feel and look to create the right circumstances for ideas and creativity to happen. We looked at the hole idea of a maker/worker space in a holistic way. We wanted to incorporate the idea of outside on the inside, the idea of blending nature with work. The idea became a series of rooms or spaces for different uses; a creative space for workshops and its main focus was flexibility and movement but in essence a very clean space, a maker Lab with a integrated AI and smart wal, 3D printers, quantum computing and all the toys you can want. An inspiration room filled with screens, books, music and all types of input. a co-creation workspace were you can get help and have a space to be. All surrounding a very homey cafe that had an open fireplace, woven rugs and sheepskins in the seats. The idea is that humans need to feel safe and be surrounded by familiar things to have the courage to be innovative. to go outside your comfort zone you need to feel safe


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