Fail Better Goes Virtual

  • Fail Better Talks
  • Likando Kumoyo
  • Etty Flynn
  • Hannah Kelly
  • Brie Gobel
  • Sir John Hegarty
  • Jess Gosling
  • Ben Mottershead
  • Nina Maria Allmoslechner

Event on 14.5.20 Speaker line-up: JESS GOSLING JENNIFER GOOD BEN MOTTERSHEAD SIR JOHN HEGARTY About Us: It's daring to take risks in design, and talking about them when it all goes pear-shaped is even more ballsy. Fail Better Talks is a monthly talk series that gives creatives from all sectors the counterintuitive task of presenting, not their best, but the worst work they've ever created and, more importantly, what they've learned from it. Our next event is on the 9th of June and will feature Erik Kessels, Dutch artist, curator, designer and author of the international best-seller, FAILED IT! Nab your ticket here: